11: Trust the Process - Confession with Ari Salter

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Our guest... Ari Salter!

A little about Ari:

Ari is a medical technologist, and an alumnae of The University of Texas. After being a competitive dancer as a child, she's "grown up" into an NSL Bikini Pro, and this year is going after that coveted IFBB Pro Card. She's an avid hunter, "Bro Science" dieter, and an all around cool chick.

Ari is also a Team Captain for the Elite Competiton Team at Befit Killeen.


Ari Salter

Trust the process and don't doubt yourself


Ari's Meal Plan & Workout Schedule

Ari is a fan of "Bro Science"... meaning a more traditional bodybuilding type diet. Her meals consist of a breakfast containing oatmeal with egg whites and blueberries, and day/night meals of lean meats with sweet potato or brown rice. 

Her workouts start with a warmup on the stairs. She usually hits legs three times a week, and shoulders twice. Ari keeps flexibility with the rest of the muscle groups, allowing her workout schedule to meet her "life" schedule. Above all, she listens to her body . Her choice for cardio? 45 minutes on the stairs.

Ari's Favorite Cheat Meal

Donuts. Duh :)

Ari's Tech / Gear

Apple Watch - a "Confessions" favorite!

Hydrate Water Bottle - this crazy amazing water bottle tracks your h2o intake and syncs with your Apple Watch, FitBit, and other fitness systems. SO COOL!

Exercise Bands - a great staple for any gym bag.

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