Join the AmandaLouise Team!

We are creating a whole new experience for our athletes in 2018. Competition Sponsorships, FREE beach bikinis, and an opportunity to build YOUR OWN swimwear business with AmandaLouise. Forget just posting for free protein powder, at AmandaLouise you will earn CASH!


Will YOU be the next AmandaLouise Athlete?

We look for more than just a social media following. Our competition athletes are role models in the industry, are on a mission to make a difference, and all around badass women.


The Competition Suits

We pride ourselves in creating competition suits that leave the crowd saying "how did they create that look?!" We LOVE unique suits that are total show stoppers. We also believe that quality is everything when it comes to stepping on stage, which is why we focus on comfort and high end materials like Swarovski Crystals.

AL03 and AL02 Berry.JPG

Beach Bikinis

Our swimwear is designed to be sexy, classy, and accentuate your athletic body. Our collection is constantly growing and we love doing collaboration pieces with our team members.

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Stepping on Stage

as an AmandaLouise Athlete is something to be proud of.

As an AmandaLouise Sponsored Athlete, here is what you can expect:

  • Custom Designed Competition Suit to wear for your 2018 Season (multiple suits are available!)
  • FREE Beach Wear
  • Opportunity to Create Your OWN Design within our Beach Wear Collections
  • Immediate Acceptance to Bad Ass Bikini Entrepreneur (B.A.B.E.) Program... Earn CASH through building your own bikini business. 

How Many Athletes Will We Bring On?

Great question. We never set a hard number, because we want to keep things open... but there will definitely be several fully sponsored athlete spots being filled for the 2018 season. We'll also be offering a larger amount of opportunities to join the Bad Ass Bikini Entrepreneur program. This is kind of like a "Brand Ambassador" position... but you'll be building YOUR OWN bikini business and earning CASH to put towards competitions, college loans, or hey, how about a new pair of shoes?!


When Will We Decide?

Our goal is to wrap up the application process for the official 2018 Athlete search by Monday, Nov 6th. That may be extended if we need to. After that, it usually takes us about a week to process applications and conduct any follow up interviews.