The AmandaLouise Consignment Shop

The AmandaLouise Consignment Corner is where YOU can earn CASH from your old suits! They don't have to be AmandaLouise... but they DO need to be in good shape. Whether you want to sell your suit, or rent it out, we're here to help you get back some of that investment.

Consignment Image.png

How much will you make?

Well, that is up to YOU! We set the consignment rate (50%) but you set what price you want to sell and/or rent your suit for. 

Have a Suit YOU Want to put on Consignment?

Submitting your suit is easy!!! You'll fill out a quick online form and send AmandaLouise a couple pictures. Once your suit has been approved, you'll send it out to Arizona so AmandaLouise can take our website photos and handle the rest of the process! What are you waiting for?! Apply to be a part of the AmandaLouise Consignment Shop NOW!

The AmandaLouise Consignment Shop will be LIVE soon!!! Make sure you're an AmandaLouise VIP to be the first to know.