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Stepping On Stage


Those things are SO important for a successful journey to the stage… so why does the thing you’re WEARING, what the judges actually SEE often become an afterthought?!

Here are some of the CRAZY things we’ve heard from clients who previously invested something other than a TOP quality suit


The crystals were what is called “hot fix” or set with heat. This is great for projects that are on a t-shirt, but with the stretchy fabric used for competition suits it’s not enough glue. Other athletes SLIPPED on these crystals on the floor!


Unfortunately, we’ve seen COUNTLESS clients who ordered suits online, and even provided measurements… just to have the suit arrive and NOT FIT.


The WORST thing that could happen… your suit is too small in the back, looks like a THONG and you’re not cleared at check-ins. (Yes, this ACTUALLY HAPPENS)


Not going to lie, this has actually happened to us… WAY back in the day when we were buying connectors straight from China. We learned our lesson, but there are a lot of suits out there that are only focusing on a low price and these connectors aren’t strong enough for your show day!

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The Amanda Louise




We ONLY use Swarovski Crystals on our suits. These are the highest quality rhinestone available!!! The knock-offs don’t come close to the sparkle Swarovski provides on stage. When you’re up there against a stage full of gorgeous competitors, this is a way to STAND OUT!


THE PERFECT FIT - Video Fittings, Sizing Suits, and MORE!

We don’t just ask for measurements. After your consult you’ll receive a set of physical suits to try on in order to finalize the exact fit for your bikini. We do this over a Video Fitting session so we make sure everything is PERFECT! No more stress about where or how to measure!



Pro Cut, Brazilian… these words are used by designers in different ways. The important part isn’t what it’s called, but HOW IT FITS!!! We have FOUR different “Pro Cut” patterns that you get to try, and no matter what coverage you want, we will CUSTOMIZE your suit to YOUR BODY.



We ONLY use the very BEST materials we can get our hands on. Everything is purchased from companies right here in the United States and we guarantee our work. Believe me when I say you can full-force tug on our connectors and they WILL NOT BREAK.



Amanda Louise is MORE than a sparkly bikini company. We are a sisterhood of like minded women here to EMPOWER, MOTIVATE and SUPPORT each other. With countless resources on mindset, contest prep, and life in general… you’ve basically found your new best friends.

Here’s what some of our clients (aka new besties) have to say…

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Competition Bikini Pricing

Competition Bikini shopping can be CONFUSING! Swarovski or not? What is Pro Cut? Watch this video with Amanda herself explaining EXACTLY how it works here at Amanda Louise.

If you don't like videos... here's the skinny:

Competition Bikini Designers have pricing all over the board. From $99 to the thousands, it's hard to know EXACTLY what you're getting. The pricing here at AmandaLouise is based on the following factors:

  • Crystals - WE ONLY USE SWAROVSKI! Yes, you can significantly cut cost on your suit (by HUNDREDS) by using a knock-off stone but we believe that if you're going to invest so much time, energy, and money into this journey you should only step on stage in the best. There is also NO comparison to how a Genuine Swarovski Crystal sparkles on stage.

  • Connectors - Our connectors come from a supplier in New York and are TOP quality. This is another area where costs can be saved by going cheap, but NO ONE wants a connector to pop! Our connectors are super strong with high quality rhinestones.

  • The Sizing Process - We can absolutely make your suit with some easy measurements, but to put your mind at ease, we also offer sizing suits. These suits will be shipped to you after your deposit is made so you can try on various sizes to see what you like best. During this process you can also schedule a Video Fit with Amanda to get her opinion.

  • Construction - Our suits are hand made, and all crystals are hand set with E6000 glue. This process takes time, but makes sure every stone is in its place and has enough glue to hold it on through the stretching and twisting of your time on stage!

Standard Crystal

Design Pricing


Novice - $159

Just a simple, yet beautiful suit, with no crystals applied.


Basic - $350

The stones are 0.5 - 0.6 inches apart


Medium - $500

Stones are approx 1/4in apart

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Heavy - $650

Stones are approx 1/8in apart. More fabric showing but still a suit perfect for a pro!


Max - $725

The stones are just less than touching,approx 1/16in spacing. This allows just a little bit of the fabric to shine through.

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Ultra Max - $850

The most bling you can get! All stones touching.

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