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Here's a sneak peak at some of the suits!

Our Rental Collection now lives over in our sister shop, ShineSugar Suit Boutique! Click the button above to check out the available suits.


The story of how we decided to rent competition bikinis... When I first started competing in 2013, I couldn't believe how expensive my "dream suit" would be. It was more than the car payment on my Mercedes. OUCH. So I ordered a super basic suit, which was still more than I wanted to spend on something "plain."

For my next show I thought "I'll add a little bling myself." Ya, well, 8hrs later I had maybe 50 overpriced craft store crystals on each side of the top, a raging headache, and hated the product. Again, OUCH.

It was then I decided that I could probably sew a competition suit, and there's got to be a better way to crystal.  Fast forward a few years, and a couple hundred suits later, and AmandaLouise proudly produces pro level suits without the headaches I once knew. It didn't solve the expense problem though. Swarovksis are just plain pricey even at wholesale, and the task of putting them on is still wildly time consuming. Add in that good quality connectors also cost a pretty penny and you come to the $500+ prices of those blinged out bikinis we all would love to rock on stage. So, how do I help my fellow beauties on a budget?

I had a client who wanted to rent one of the suits I had made for myself, which I had never thought to offer. I ended up just letting her borrow it, but then realized there was a great idea behind her request. Investing in a Rental Collection would allow my clients the option of wearing a pro level bikini for a fraction of the price! The AmandaLouise Rental Collection was born, and we decided to launch our way to rent competition bikinis.

Since launching the collection we've helped countless women hit the stage in a suit they loved, at a budget they could afford. Here's some feedback we've received from our clients who have decided to rent competition bikinis.

Rent Competition Bikinis
Rent Competition Bikinis

"This past June I had competed in my first ever bikini competition. I had my fitness and nutrition down, but this newbie was a stressed mess when it came down to getting my glam together. I was four weeks out and had not purchased a bikini yet, had no clue where to order it from, or if I was ready to spend hundreds of dollars on my first bikini just so I can feel “stage worthy.” My posing coach later told me that renting a competition suit was actually an option and recommended AmandaLouis. I was relieved to find out that I didn’t have to break the bank, but I was also a little nervous and didn’t know what to expect from a rental. Well, I must say that after my first fitting with Amanda, ALL of my doubts and nerves were long gone. She had such a glamorous selection: from bling to subtle and everything in-between! In fact, she was actually launching a new line for the federation I was competing in (WBFF) and had a new rental with my name on it. ALL of the rentals were GORGEOUS and looked brand spanking new. I love the attention to detail and enthusiasm she has when matching you with a suit. I highly recommend adding AmandaLouise to your glam squad for your next competition. Lets face it, competing gets pretty pricey, and anything that can shave off the cost without compromising quality and glam is the way to go!"  - Melissa Lopez

"I rented my suit because as we all know, competitions suits are not cheap. Not only because of the pricing, but by renting you can always have a new color and designed suit for the next competition you choose to do. 

I absolutely loved this suit!! It was so hard to give it back. The color of the suit and gems on it were perfect and exactly what I expected. " -

Christine Corapi

" I loved the concept of renting a suit, for those that compete in numerous shows per year the cost of suits, tanning hair & makeup can add up pretty quick. I loved Amanda's website, the layout and the information was perfect. I rented with Amanda in April for the Jay cutler classic in Boston. I have two shows in October and I am going to purchase custom suits now with Amanda. The rental program is great if you are looking to switch up your stage presence and have different looks for each show. I would highly recommend AmandaLouise swimwear! " -

Courtney Studdert

"This was my first time to rent, and the experience was Amazing! Awesome customer service, easy process and Gorgeous Suit! And at the BEST price. Thank you for making it so easy!! " -

Brittany Martin

So how does it work to Rent Competition Bikinis? Here's the answers to some of our most common questions.

What suits can I pick from?

All of our available Rental Collection suits are now rented through our sister shops, ShineSugar Suit Boutique. You can check them out HERE.

How do I know if the suit I want is available for my show?

After you fill out a Rental Request, you'll get a confirmation of the suits availability. We also try our hardest to keep the listing of the suits up to date with any confirmed rentals.

How does the sizing work?

This is one of the questions we hear the most from those thinking they may rent competition bikinis. The sizing of the top will be listed on the Rental Suit listing. The bottoms are all our "pro cut" which is the smallest, heart shaped cut we offer. There is one suit, the Rachael, that also has the option of a moderate cut bottom, which will work if your show requires fuller coverage. The bottom sizing will fit most ladies from about 5'2 - 5'10, with a upper hip measurement (up around where the top of the bottoms will sit) of 26 - 33 inches.

Can I try the suit on?

YES! You can request a suit try on for $25 (covers shipping TO you, and FROM you), assuming the suit is available when you request it. The suit will be sent asap, and must be returned within 48hrs of you receiving it. This is a great way to make you feel more comfortable when deciding to rent competition bikinis. You can request your Try On through the when you fill out the Rental Request form from the Rental Collection Page.

When will I get the rental before my show?

The suit is sent out approximately 12 days prior to your show date via USPS Priority Mail. (2-3 Day Shipping)

When is the suit due back?

The suit must be received back at AmandaLouise no later than the Saturday following your show. For every day it is late, there is a $15 late fee.

Do I need to clean the suit?

YES. You will be required to clean the suit prior to shipping it back to AmandaLouise. To clean the suit, simply rinse in a sink with warm water (or take it in the shower with you) and use a mild detergent (like woolite) on the INSIDE of the suit to get out any extra tan or bikini adhesives. A soft toothbrush can also be used on the INSIDE of the suit. If the suit is returned dirty, there is a $35 cleaning fee. AmandaLouise also disinfects all suits before the next rental.

What are the fees associated with renting?

The base rental fee ranges from $75 - $175 for bikinis. You will also be charged $15 for USPS Priority shipping. This covers shipping to you, and back to us.

Ready to rent a bikini for your next show? Start HERE to see the available suits and fill out your Rental Inquiry. There are also a ton of pictures of our past rental clients on our Instagram @AmandaLouiseSwimwear.

We would love to help YOU get in a pro level suit without killing your competition budget. Deciding to rent competition bikinis can be a great one. Questions? Email us at