Suit Consultations... What You Need To Know


As part of the AmandaLouise experience, we offer FREE Custom Competition Bikini Consultations. These are done personally by our Owner/Designer Amanda Freick, where she will walk you through the following steps to make sure your dream suit comes to reality.  

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Step One is to request consult. You can do that simply by visiting our Contact page, or using the button below.

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How Are Sessions Conducted?

Your session can be held as a regular phone call, a FaceTime conversation, or through SKYPE. Within 24hrs of your request, you'll get an email with a lot of the info below, that will also include a link to our online scheduler. From there you can choose an available time slot for your session. Make sure you reply to that email with the requested information so we know how to get a hold of you!!


Did you know you can bring your Coach to the call?!

When it's time for your call, Amanda will contact you directly. We also encourage you to include your coach on this session if they would like to be involved in your suit choice. Since FaceTime does not allow for three-way calls yet, when coaches are included we usually just do a regular phone call.


The first questions Amanda will ask are to confirm your basic info as provided on the Online Design Request. Here's a list of what to expect:

Show Date


Let's Talk Suit Design...

Next, you'll discuss the overall suit design. Do you have something in mind already? If so, you can either send the images to Amanda prior to your discussion, during, or after. If you're starting from scratch, the discussion will go something like this...


Color - Is there a color you're leaning towards? What is your hair color, eye color, and skin tone? What color do you wear that people often compliment you on?


Once the color is chosen, next you'll move onto Crystals. You can see the complete list of colors available HERE. The most "normal" color ladies choose is Crystal AB. That is the stone that shines almost white one stage. Here at AmandaLouise we love being unique, so Amanda will provide some options she thinks will look great, and incorporate any designs that you've seen and loved. The level of crystal design is what determines the price of your suit... so this is where you'll also talk about your budget.


The next topic will be Suit Cut. Depending on what organization you compete with, this may be determined for you based on their published regulations. Amanda is very familiar with shows around the country, and can help if you're unsure of what's allowed. If you're decision is open, then she'll provide feedback based on what you're comfortable with, and what looks best on certain body types.


Connector options can be seen HERE. We recommend checking them out, or having them pulled up on your computer during your call with Amanda. She can help give suggestions based on your body type, and the overall look you're going for.


Wrapping Up.

From there you'll wrap up letting Amanda know if you'd like padding in your suit, any special shipping instructions, and she'll answer any other questions you have. Using a Custom Suit Consultation with Amanda is a GREAT way to make sure your suit design is exactly what you're looking for. Book today... we can't wait to work with you!!!