We Love our Local Clients


AmandaLouise absolutely loves creating custom pieces for our local clients. We make all of our bikini competition swimwear in Tucson, AZ.


The fitness competition scene in Tucson, and Arizona in general, has grown exponentially in the last couple years. With new athletes, new teams, and new gyms popping up all the time, it's the perfect breeding ground for all the bodybuilding leagues to flourish. Thinking about competing in Arizona? Here's a link to the upcoming shows.


Local clients are especially fun to work with since we get to design and fit in person. It seems like every client becomes a friend, and that is what has helped AmandaLouise grow so much in the last couple years. If you're in Arizona and looking for a suit designer, here's what you can expect from the local experience with AmandaLouise.


Initial Contact - This is usually an email, Instagram DM, Facebook message, or a text with "Hey Amanda, my friend referred me...". ALL of our clients are asked to visit our website to start the suit process, whether you're renting OR creating a custom competition suit. We do this because we've become quite busy, and that allows us to track all inquiries in an organized fashion so no one slips through the cracks. You can request your Free Design Consult for a custom suit, or visit the Rental Collection through our Contact page. There is also a direct link to schedule a local appointment on that page. We recommend submitting your Design Consult Request or Rental Inquiry first, but anything works!

Once you're in our system using the website, you'll get an email to schedule your first appointment.

The First Appointment - Your first appointment for a custom suit is where we go over all the different design options (fabric, crystals, connectors, cut) and lock in your design. We have suits in the studio for you to try on to guarantee fit, and also to get an idea of what you look good in. For rentals, anything that isn't with another client is available to try on. You are more than welcome to bring your coach, teammate, husband, whoever to your fitting. We understand that our clients appreciate that trusted second opinion!

The Final Fitting Appointment - We usually wrap things up with just your initial appointment, and a Final Fit appointment. If we need to check fit prior to crystal work, we'll contact you directly to get that scheduled. The Final Fit appointment for local clients is usually during Peak Week. This is so that we can sew down your connectors as close to your show as possible in order to get the fit absolutely perfect. If you want to get your suit prior to this time, we will usually put safety pins in the back seams of your bottoms to hold in the connectors, and then schedule your final fit for Peak Week, again, to get that perfect snugness!


We also offer additional services for local clients. Contact us directly for more details.


  • Minor Alterations to Non-AmandaLouise Suits

  • Crystal Work to All Existing Suits

  • Bikini Posing Lessons

  • "Stage Mom" Package

    • We book all of your competition appointments (tanning, makeup, hair)

    • Register you for your show

    • Create a show weekend schedule to follow

    • Provide recommended show day packing guide


Not local?? That's OK!!!! We've worked with clients near and far to create the suit they've always dreamed of. Contact us today to learn more.