Bikini Bite - What you NEED to know!


Most first time competitors go "you're gonna do WHAT?!" Yes ladies, we use glue to keep those teeny tiny bikinis firmly in place on our rear ends. Bikini Bite is a great tool to use, but here are some warnings from your favorite (*wink wink*) suit designer!

1. If your glutes are the shape where you don't need the glue, DON'T USE IT!

 This all depends on the shape of your glutes, the cut of your suit, and how high/tight you wear your suit. If you feel like the suit is pretty snug, then again, DONT use the glue!

2. Bring your own Bikini Bite and have a friend apply it.

A lot of the tanning companies will provide this service, BUT, those poor girls are usually SLAMMED back stage which leads to globs of the glue being rolled on all over the place... WHICH CAN RUIN YOUR SUIT!!!!! I've had this happen to numerous clients. This stuff may NOT wash out when it's placed in excess all over the fabric. My best advice is to have a friend, or teammate, or your coach apply the bikini bite for you so they can take their time and make sure it's done right.


NEED TO ORDER BIKINI BITE? Here's a link to what I recommend: Bikini Bite on Amazon

3. ONLY Apply to the SEAM of the Suit!

The seam, or the very edge of the suit, is two layers of fabric AND a layer of elastic... meaning the glue will not seep through and be visible from the outside. This will take a little more care than just rolling it on your glutes and pressing down, but it's worth it to protect that investment.


Moral of the story? Bikini Bite is a genius product for making sure you don't have any peep show moments on stage. Just be careful when you use it!

Have more questions? Feel free to contact me!

Until next time... may your leg days be strong, and your carb day high!

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