12 Days of Holidays - Day 2: 11 Podcasts for 2017!

I am a podcast addict. I spend a lot of time in my car and working at home with podcasts on. I learn so much! Why listen to the same songs over and over on the radio when you can be LEARNING?! Here’s a list of my favorites:


  1. Earn Your Happy with Lori Harder - For the fitness entrepreneur, or anyone who needs a little "happy" in their day.

  2. Happier with Gretchen Ruben - A fun one to get you out of your own head when you need a pick me up.

  3. The Ironman Executive - For the science nerd... this one focuses on living a healthy lifestyle based on advanced scientific principles around longevity.

  4. Biz Chix - For the small business owner.

  5. EOFire - For anyone needing business inspiration.

  6. Raise Your Hand Say Yes - For the creative. Tiffany’s podcast has a lot to do with business, but her content can be applied to all aspects of life. Love her.

  7. The Chris Miles Money Show - Chris Miles is what I would consider a financial genius for our generation. Sorry guys, but the days of pensions and lucrative 401k plans are pretty much over. His take on cashflow and saving for retirement is unique and awesome.

  8. Glambition Radio - Ali Brown is a business coach to highly successful female entrepreneurs. Don’t be intimidated… the women she talks to are AMAZE-BALLS! Whether you have a business or not, you will surely leave this podcast inspired to live your best life.

  9. The Joy Junkie Show - This show is pretty great. It’s sort of like going to therapy with someone who is hilarious and likes to cuss (right up my alley.) The holiday episodes are especially useful this time of year. (Cause everyone’s family is perfect and gets along like the Brady Bunch during the holidays, right?!)

  10. Co-Op Energy Talk - These last two are ALL me (Amanda!) So, by day I am an electrical engineer working for a very large corporation that does business with electric utilities. I am uber passionate about energy (but I’m not going to get political here…) Anyways, if you have any interest in learning how electrical utilities work, or where your electric bill money goes, this podcast is great. Hosted by a small utility in Michigan, they bring on great guests and handle awesome topics.

  11. Pregnancy Confidential - Since I’m 34 weeks pregnant, I had to throw in a momma-to-be podcast!!! This is my first baby, and I must say this week by week podcast is pretty great. They’re short episodes that hit on all the questions first time mommas might have.


Have a podcast you’re binge listening to? Or maybe one you just can’t wait for every time a new episode is released?? Share it in a comment!!!

Amanda Freick