The B.A.B.E. Opportunity

Bad Ass Bikini Entrepreneurs

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Build your own bikini business with AmandaLouise!

Earn FREE bikinis, make cold hard cash, and build a network of amazing bikini loving' women by becoming a Bad Ass Bikini Entrepreneur.

The B.A.B.E. Opportunity is a chance for YOU to become your own bikini boss with AmandaLouise. Love Bikinis? Why not share them with your friends and build a profitable business!!

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Earn CASH & So Much MORE!

Earn 20-30% commission on sales, shop our bikinis for your own collection at crazy discounts, and get exclusive access to new products!

Looking to pay off that credit card? How about save up for that epic trip overseas? Maybe just have an expensive taste for champagne? (I know I do!!) Well, B.A.B.E can be your answer to all of that and so much more!

It's YOUR Business... 

We provide the bikinis, but you make all the rules. There's no inventory to purchase, no quotas to fill, no worrying about deliveries... AmandaLouise takes care of ALL THAT! Your business is about hosting parties (online and in person) to share your favorite bikinis with your friends. They're going to buy bikinis anyways, so why not help them choose amazing styles and earn a commission?

You set the hours. You decide how much time you want to spend. Make $5 or $5,000 this month. It's up to YOU!

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You're NOT Alone... We're Here to Help You SUCCEED!

Don't worry, this isn't like a "we need you to pay $10k to buy a ton of inventory and then we release you into the wilderness... figure it out" type of opportunity. We'll have you poppin champagne in no time!!!

As a B.A.B.E. you'll get exclusive access to ME (Amanda) through a private Facebook Group where all your biz building questions will be answered. We also provide a step by step process on how to set up your business, how to host your first party, and all sorts of tips and tricks on how to make the most of your bikini business.