About Amanda

Hey There you beautifully badass woman! I am Owner/Designer Amanda Freick, and I am SO excited you're here.

I started AmandaLouise in 2014 after purchasing a competition suit online that I wasn't happy with. I knew I could use higher quality materials, pay more attention to detail, and above all, provide a kick ass experience to my clients.

I have always loved to create and to sew. This started as scrunchies and blankets with my mom and grandma, turned into homecoming dresses, then sorority party costumes, followed by a weird love for quilting, and then finally swimwear. Being a nationally qualified Bikini competitor myself, I understand the importance of finding the “Perfect Suit”. It's not just that you want a gorgeous suit... it's that you want to FEEL gorgeous in that suit. I'm talking "jaw-dropping, holy SH*T is that really her" kind of gorgeous. 

So, that's why I'm here, and why I make sparkly bikinis and beach wear that I'm obsessed with. I want you to walk on stage, or up to that pool, or out on the beach, feeling like the beautifully badass woman that you are. 

Ready to let me help you SHINE on stage? 

Check out my appearances on podcasts, AmandaLouise getting featured in magazines, and so much more on our new PRESS PAGE!